Public streets and parks

A few participants identified issues that affected their sense of safety when out and about within their communities. For urban participants, cyclists were identified as being inconsiderate and intrusive. In Roma (rural), dogs created a barrier for walkers. While the Roma Council was acknowledged for responding well to situations involving dangerous dogs, there was a sense of frustration that so many incidences had occurred.

"There seems to be a bit of a dog problem.  I haven't come across any...but you just listen to a few and they say, oh, they are a bit worried about walking.  My wife actually got knocked down by two dogs when she was walking one day." (Participant 39, male, 87 years)

"[Three pig dogs] attacked our little dog and they brought me down, with the rope that I had on him...But the council took that very seriously...they said, 'You have got to be free to walk on the footpath with your registered dog.'  But the dogs terrified the kids and me...but that was the only time I did not feel safe." (Participant 43, female, 78 years)

“Most of them [cyclists] don't have a bell, so you get frightened for your life, even though you are keeping to the left and everything.  What I am really concerned about, is that I feel there's animosity that's developing between walkers and cyclists.” (Participant 11, female, 79 years)



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