Out at night

While some older Australians simply have no need to walk the streets at night, others choose not to because they consider going out during the day as the safer option. Participants who did venture out at night were generally satisfied with the amount of street lighting available, although some stated that they avoided streets with insufficient lighting.


graph: total minutes travelled on foot during day/night (all partipicants)

"Well, see, I never go out at night.  I would never go out by myself.  In the house I feel perfectly safe." (Participant 6, female, 71 years)

"I don’t have a need.  I probably wouldn’t like to do it now, mainly because you get wobbly on the pins more so than anything...There’s lights there, but they’re not real good." (Participant 32, female, 69 years)

"[The community] is [safe], particularly in the daytime, but you hear stories about not only downtown of a night time but lots of robberies and break-ins and that around the suburbs." (Participant 25, male, 69 years)

"Well, I don’t think it’s very wise to walk around at night time." (Participant 29, male, 84 years)

"It all depends how far we have to walk.  Now, we don't live that far from the bowls club, it is lit up, we have walked [there]...But if we had to walk from one part of town to the other, no.  It's just that we hear what goes on - older ones getting bashed up.  No, it's just our choice,  you don't ask for trouble." (Participant 44, female, 70 years)

"I think [older people] are pretty safe, you know, in town, with the exception of maybe a Friday and Saturday night; might get the odd Thursday night.  But, generally speaking, walking around here at night is pretty safe." (Participant 39, male, 87 years)

"It was just the attitude of the young people [in Brisbane]…It was just a creepy feeling we had.  And here, in Toowoomba...I’m sometimes a bit wary, but I always take a walking stick when we go out at night and you’ve got to walk...It’s [for] mobility but because sometimes you’re not too sure with the shadows of the night...I’d certainly use it as protection as well." (Participant 26, male, 75 years)




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