At home

Very few of the participants reported having experienced home invasions, and the vast majority felt safe and secure in their own homes. Rural residents are the most likely to leave their doors unlocked; however, one urban resident also felt no harm in allowing easy access to their property.


"I don't even lock my doors.  I don't even shut them at night-time.  So, you know - okay, maybe that's a bit cavalier...but...Somebody who is going to rob you, is going to get in anyway... I couldn't live now in Brisbane, I could not bear to be barred in…I think barring windows and everything else is a lot that contributes to death in fire; people that can't get in if you have a heart attack; you haven't got neighbours that can jump in through the window or whatever; and I think all this putting bars up is really a very dangerous situation more so than safety." (Participant 37, female, 67 years)

"I feel perfectly safe in the day-time.  It's just only [I'm] a tiny bit nervous if I am on my own at night.  That's just me." (Participant  43, female, 78 years)

"I feel secure, no-one could come in and grab me, [I] quite enjoy all the noise and chitter chat down on the road at night time and people having parties up the road; hear people coming here." (Participant 6, female, 71 years)

"Well, I find it's no hassle.  Some people will tell you the other way.  Some people lock their door every time they walk out the door. I don't." (Participant 3, female, 63 years)










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