GPS tracking device and diary

In order to determine how liveable the study regions are, we chose to track the movements of our participants with a small GPS device. Participants also completed a diary, which was used to support the data retrieved from the GPS devices. In this way, participants could record where they went, the mode of transport they used during their travels, as well as anything they noticed which either promoted or hindered their daily interactions within their respective communities. Because participants carried their GPS devices with them for seven consecutive days, we were able to obtain a snap-shot of their interactions within their communities over an entire week. See Disclaimer to understand the limitations of the device.


Activity Categories chosen to categorise GPS data:

  • Commuting (non-active)

  • Social

  • Physical activity

  • Leisure

  • Services

  • Health

  • Shopping

  • Volunteering

  • Education

  • Assisting family

  • Unspecified (unknown activity)

  • Unspecified (known place)


Note: Additional participant-specific categories were generated as needed:

  • Farm work

  • Selling

  • Big Issue/riding  

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