The Community Liveability Guide is designed to assist policy and planning for   local and state government to create, maintain, and sustain liveable communities.

Liveability -  the characteristics that make a place where people want to live.

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Executive Summary

This guide is informed by research by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) as part of an Australian Research Council funded project. This project investigated the liveability of urban, regional and rural localities across southern Queensland. Based on residents’ experiences, five key factors have been identified as important for enhancing the liveability of these areas: mobility, safety, accessibility, social support, affordability.

These aspects of life appear to be influenced by seven key individual factors: sense of place, health, independence, social participation, communication, income and personal preferences.   

Although findings from this study relate to specific characteristics of southern Queensland, many of the results can be applied to a broad range of urban, regional and rural contexts; thus this guide is designed for the benefit of all local and state governments across Australia. Using this guide will highlight liveability characteristics now and in the future.





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